“The Midnight Rush”

The Midnight Rush

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Deep House – Mixed by: ~Deejay~K*SPIRIT

1. DJ Yellow, Yota – Someone (Original Mix)
2. Hollis P Monroe – I’m Lonely (Laura Jones Remix)
3. Ev Darko – Euphoria (Deep Active Sound Remix)
4. Gavin Herlihy – Endless Feeling (Larse Remix)
5. Juicy Lotta – Feel It (Original Mix)
6. Subb An – What I Do (%28Original Mix%29)
7. Enzo Caprioli – My Little Dog (Original Mix)
8. tONKPROJECT, Marie K – Its time to introduce you feat Marie K (Pion Remix)
9. V I V I D – Nobody But Her (Original Mix)
10. Aldo Brionne – 03-30PM (Nando Rodriguez Remix)
11. Andrew Soul – Too Much Love Will Kill You (Julien Chaptal Remix)
12. Demir, Seymen – All Mine (Original Mix)
13. Jack Pattern – The Junction (Original Mix)
14. Javier Carballo – Captive Bead (Original Mix)
15. Kid Culture, Thomas Robson – Yes I Need You (Spencer Parker’s A Gun For Hire Remix)
16. Latecomer – The Magic Carpet (Fish Go Deep Dub)
17. Arash – Heroes And Demons (Original Mix)
18. Richard Dinsdale – Your Mind (Youandewan Remix)
19. Samuel Dan – Bitch (Original Mix)


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